Fitbit's low-cost COVID-19 ventilator receives emergency FDA approval

published 04.06.2020 23:12


There’s some question about whether healthcare workers still need emergency ventilators as much as they did when the pandemic began, not to mention how much of a market is left for the Fitbit model now NASA’s model has been out over a month.

Even Fitbit admits that the point of the Flow is to act as a stopgap to help make up for a lack of said FDA-cleared ventilators, with Senior Staff Research Scientist Dr. Tony Faranesh saying: We know from some conversations that physicians are already trying to work out the ethics in deciding who gets the ventilator and who doesn’t, due to shortage of supply.

According to FDA documents, the Flow is intended to be used “only when an FDA-cleared clinical ventilator is not available during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

It’s worth noting that the Flow isn’t a conventional ventilator, nor is it designed to replace one.

Fitbit this week revealed the Flow, an inexpensive ventilator the company developed for the express purpose of helping alleviate the need for such devices in the coronavirus pandemic.