Volibear’s win rate in League of Legends is very low

published 05.06.2020 00:08


Over the past seven days – since the launch of LoL patch 10.11 and the Volibear rework – the champion has had a 44.01% win rate in ranked play (according to stat tracker OP.GG) – the lowest in the game, just behind Akali at 44.36%.

But he’s also had one of the top pick rates in that stretch at 17.76%, the third-most picked champ for that period.

Volibear’s win rate is improving over the past 24 hours in ranked, he’s at 47.10%.

It’s likely that his low win rate is at least partly due to just how many players are picking him to see the new kit, but this week has also seen the sudden launch of a hotfix to improve the champ, which is likely also contributing.

The stats are similar in normal queue, though Voli actually fares a bit better there – a 46.94% win rate for the week and 49.47% for the day.