Easyjet customers whose data got leaked are being attacked

published 04.06.2020 23:28


A few weeks ago it was reported that data from around nine million users of British airline Easyjet were compromised due to a “highly sophisticated attack”.

According to experts from a GDPR course, hackers accessed email addresses and travel details belonging to millions of customers, as well as stealing card data from at least 2,200 passengers.

A representative of the British authorities mentioned: “For now we advise users who believe they have been victims of malicious activity as a result of this incident to notify the relevant bodies; this process can be done online.”

When the incident was reported, Easyjet stated that affected users would be notified directly, adding that it would not be notified to users whose information was not involved in the data breach.

British authorities launched a series of measures that users can take while the incident is being investigated.