Life Stripe by Spread uses colour to turn the everyday into works of art

published 04.06.2020 08:35


Design can create the doorway to the future as an imagined projection, Spread saidA​lcova: This year, you are presenting Life Stripe through Alcova in the Virtual Design Festival.

Yamada and Kobayashi spoke to Italian design platform Alcova, where their Life Stripe project was to be shown during Salone del Mobile, before the furniture fair was cancelled, about Spread's work and how design attempts to create the future.

"By recording one’s everyday actions—sleeping, dining, relaxing, working, and so on—using a palette of 21 different colours, each person experiences a form of therapy by looking at their life and the patterns within it; in that way, each person can preserve their memory, connect to their present, and cultivate their imagination all at the same time," Spread explained.

Spread is also informed by people like "Christo and Jean-Claude or Oliviero Toscano, who integrated design and art into the social," said the founders, who have created a number of works that use colour as abstract sensory communication that cuts across cultural and language barriers.

The founders of Japanese creative studio Spread reveal how they use colour as the primary medium in their work and explain how their Life Stripe project seeks to find pattern in the everyday in this interview as part of our VDF x Alcova collaboration.