Israelis banking & personal data leaked by Islamic hackers: #OpIsrael

published 05.06.2020 00:40


Moreover, an informant claims that Israeli national security officials believe that this specific attack could be a form of retaliation against the intention to annex 30% of the West Bank territory to Israel in the coming months.

According to information security awareness experts, #Opisrael is an annual hacking initiative whose main objective is to wreak havoc on Israeli IT infrastructure, also affecting citizens.

“Hundreds of Israelis had their personal information – including ID numbers, credit card details and cellphone numbers – released online by Anonymous pro-Palestinian group that took part in the annual #Opisrael hacking effort”, mentioned local media through Twitter.

Information security awareness specialists report that the information of hundreds of Israeli citizens has been exposed by JEArmy, a hacker group popularly known as the ‘Islamic Anonymous’.

“As the idea of annexation grows in public opinion, we could experience additional hacking attacks,” the information security awareness specialist added.