Why the future of enterprise data is open source

published 04.06.2020 16:19

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Across the spectrum of open source (or quasi-open source) databases, the fact that they're already in heavy use within the enterprise suggests that this trend toward open source databases isn't slowing down anytime soon.

Asked which databases developers use and want to continue using, the top five results are: Redis (66.5%) PostgreSQL (63.9%) Elasticsearch (58.7%) MongoDB (56.0%) Firebase (54.9%) Not all of these are open source (Firebase never has been, and MongoDB replaced its open source license a few years back), but the most in-demand databases are.

Indeed, what's particularly interesting in the data is just how much open source databases have already become the de facto enterprise databases.

What I am suggesting is that there's clearly a perfect storm brewing for open source databases, as revealed in Stack Overflow's 2020 survey of over 65,000 developers.

For years open source databases worked hard to be taken seriously as enterprise-class alternatives to the proprietary incumbents.