Corsair Recalls SF Series of PSUs due to Failure Concerns

published 04.06.2020 09:44


Corsair's SF series of PSUs has been long present as part of the company's offerings, designed to the satisfy small form factor crowd with its SFX size.

Today, Corsair has announced that they will be recalling some units and replace them free of charge, including free shipping.

Corsair says that "We have recently identified higher-than-normal RMA rates among our SF family of small-form-factor PSUs.

Following a thorough investigation, we have found a potential issue that can manifest when the PSU is exposed to a combination of both high temperatures, and high humidity.

To get a replacement PSU, Corsair offers affected customers to submit their tickets here , with the title "SF Series voluntary product replacement", so they can easily identify customers and give them quicker replacement units.