ZLoader-Laced Emails Masquerade As CVs From Job-Seekers

published 04.06.2020 08:00

Image of article 'ZLoader-Laced Emails Masquerade As CVs From Job-Seekers'

“With the stolen information in hand, the malware can allow threat actors to connect to the victim’s system and make illicit financial transactions from the banking user’s legitimate device,” said Check Point researchers, in a Thursday post.

After enabling, victims were given the infamous ZLoader malware, which has previously been distributed via spear-phishing campaigns taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the massive uptick in unemployment across the U.S. in a recent spear-phishing campaign, which purports to be CVs sent from job-seekers – but actually spreads banking credential-stealing malware.

Researchers are warning of spear-phishing emails with CV lures that spread the ZLoader malware, which steals banking credentials from victims.

A few weeks ago, infamous business email compromise (BEC) group called Scattered Canary (a highly-organized Nigerian cybergang) was discovered to have submitted hundreds of fraudulent claims with state-level U.S. unemployment websites and coronavirus relief funds.