Indian Startup Makes AR Glasses That’ll Keep COVID-19 In Check

published 04.06.2020 17:34

Image of article 'Indian Startup Makes AR Glasses That’ll Keep COVID-19 In Check'
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To help ease this seemingly normal fear, Indian startup AjnaLens has developed a pair of augmented reality smart glasses that could be an effective way to keep COVID-19 in check in India.

Called the AjnaTX Series, the smart glasses make use of augmented reality to layer information over live camera feed to provide useful information in real-time.

With the attached infrared sensor, the startup claims that the glasses can scan up to 300 people in a matter of 3 minutes as its reading response time is less than 300ms.

It is here where a solution such as the AjnaLens smart glasses makes a profound impact.

In fact, the startup is already in talks with multiple stakeholders including several state governments, shopping malls, and universities, amongst others, to have these glasses deployed.

by Prasham Parikh from

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