The Army Has Found The Best Method To Killing Enemy Drones

published 04.06.2020 10:00


While many of the specific technical methods now being used to “exploit” commercial drone technologies are naturally not available for security reasons, Scucces explained, there are several general areas of discussion which continue to receive a lot of important attention when it comes to drone attacks.

Ongoing assessments have included flight tests of a wide range of drones in operation as a way to gather data, observe technical functions and, ultimately, precisely replicate the precise nature of enemy drone attacks.

These initiatives, as described by CACI Executive Program Director Peter Scucces, use 3-D printing, simulation and various kinds of computer analysis to discern the precise mechanisms with which the newest drones operate - and attack.

Using the term “exploitation,” weapons developers are closely analyzing the material components, sensors, video feeds and intricate electronic systems of commercial drones to lay an accurate foundation upon which these threats can be destroyed.

The Army’s Rapid Equipping Force has been fast-tracking electronic-warfare based weapons to “jam” enemy drones, the Navy has been tailoring shipboard sensors to enable interceptor weapons to knock out medium and low-flying drones in maritime combat and the Air Force has been working to upgrade fighter-based Active Electronically Scanned Arrays to find enemy drones at greater distances.