Russia's New Okhotnik Stealth Drone Is Closer to Being Ready for Combat

published 04.06.2020 13:05


Interestingly, the Russian TASS report does say the drone was “maneuvering in the air in automated mode,” while also making reference to the Okhotnik’s electro-optical cameras and radar, highlighting its forward reconnaissance technologies.

In particular, its flight maneuvers with a 5th-Gen Su-57 in one of its early demonstrations presents the possibility of some kind of manned-unmanned teaming wherein a 5th generation aircraft pilot operates a nearby drone from the cockpit.

At the same time, despite the relative effectiveness of its stealth properties, the Russian attack drone does seem to have shown several additional attributes likely to be of concern for U.S. rivals.

The aim with platforms such as a B-2 is to build something with smooth, less detectable seams, the absence of angled vertical structures, external weapons pylons and an elaborate thermal management system intended to lower the heat signature.

Russia is pursuing additional tests, demonstrations and “familiarization flights” of its emerging Okhotnik stealthy heavy attack drone.