This video calls out L.A. mayor’s handling of police force during Black Lives Matter protests

published 04.06.2020 15:35


City officials have justified the increased number of police officers with the excuse that they’re in the streets to mitigate property damage and looting.

However, video clips spreading online have once again exposed excessive and oftentimes completely unnecessary force doled out by police officers.

From the improper use of rubber bullets to police officers ramming into crowds of protestors, the guise of maintaining “law and order” has rapidly crumbled to reveal, in even sharper detail, why these protests are happening in the first place.

And film editor Nick Andert drives that point home even further with his video We See You, Mayor Garcetti.

Andert, who’s worked on docuseries including Ugly Delicious and Abstract: The Art of Design, juxtaposes footage from Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti’s May 31 public safety update with what’s been really going on in the streets between protestors and law enforcement in the city.