Security Is Everybody's Job (Part One

published 04.06.2020 02:00


Throughout the series, we will discuss weaving security through DevOps in effective and efficient ways.

We will also discuss the ideas that security is everybody's job, it is everyone's duty to perform their jobs in the most secure way they know-how, and that it is the security team's responsibility to enable everyone else in their organization to get their jobs done, securely.

We will get in deep on the many strategies we can adjust security activities for DevOps environments, while still reaching our goals of ensuring that we reliably create and release secure software.

That said, many people I've met truly feel this way; that DevOps engineers are running around making security messes where ever go, and that we (security professionals) are left to clean up the mess.

Below you can see the security team teaching, providing tooling, and enabling the magical DevOps unicorns in doing their jobs, securely.