Superpedestrian is launching a shared e-scooter service called Link

published 04.06.2020 14:18


By buying Zagster, Biderman says Link can become a vertically integrated e-scooter service that not only is cheaper to operate, but is less of a headache for cities to partner with.

The company had not attempted to run its own service until the end of last year, when it teamed up with Zagster in Florida.

Superpedestrian tells The Verge it specifically bought the “permits, software and other IP, and talent” related to Zagster’s scooter fleet division, which is in line with what the Boston Business Journal first reported last Friday.

Boston-based micromobility startup Superpedestrian is launching a shared electric scooter-sharing service called Link, which is built around the super durable and smart e-scooters the company announced in late 2018.

But like many other transportation companies, Zagster shut down its services in late March as the pandemic spread throughout the United States.