GM Reveals New EV Strategy -- Hit 'Em Where They Ain't

published 04.06.2020 23:35

Image of article 'GM Reveals New EV Strategy -- Hit 'Em Where They Ain't'

Scott Phillippi, senior director of fleet maintenance and engineering for UPS, told Reuters he believes electric vans have the potential to disrupt the commercial market.

The company has not officially confirmed the Reuters story, but suppliers familiar with plans at GM and Ford told Reuters US automakers “don’t want to leave the door open for Tesla” as they did with passenger cars.

Five anonymous insiders tell Reuters the proposed GM van — code-named BV1 — is scheduled to start production late in 2021 and will be built alongside the upcoming Hummer electric pickup truck at the reconfigured Detroit-Hamtramck plant.

But while there are some companies who say they are going to produce electric vans someday — Rivian, Lordstown Motors, and even Mercedes Benz are working on such vehicles — no one has begun volume production as of yet and the field is wide open.

All those people driving electric vans will tell their family and friends about how great they are, helping to make the idea of owning an electric car more acceptable to mainstream buyers.