Google is making it easier to use security keys with iOS devices

published 04.06.2020 19:05

Image of article 'Google is making it easier to use security keys with iOS devices'

Security keys provide users with a physical way to secure their online accounts and now Google is making it even easier to use them on iOS devices.

As the result of a new change that enables native support for W3C WebAuthn implementation for Google accounts on Apple devices, users with devices running iOS 13.3 and above will now be able to use the company's Titan Security Key to secure their work and personal accounts.

Since Google's USB-A and Bluetooth Titan Security Keys both have NFC functionality, iPhone users will be able to tap the back of their devices to easily sign in to their online accounts.

Lighting security keys such as the YubiKey 5Ci can also be used to secure iOS users' Google accounts and if you have a Lighting to USB Camera Adapter, you can even use any USB security key.

By using a security key and enrolling in the Advanced Protection Program, you can rest easy knowing that your Google account will be safe from phishing and other online threats.