Top 7 VS Code alternatives

published 04.06.2020 10:31


IDEs With Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), we start talking about often very resource-heavy tools that require more computing power than code editors, in exchange for a much greater set of is a paid and closed-source JavaScript IDE made by JetBrains.

Sublime Text's performance comes from the fact that unlike VS Code or Atom, it's not an Electron-based app, which for some might be a great selling point on its own.

Ones that differentiate themselves from the VS Code through their own unique features and functionalities.

Here's a list of different code editors and IDEs that might serve as your future VS Code replacement!

The advantages of almost all JetBrains' IDEs include rich auto-completion features (in VS Code known as "intellisense"), as well as great debugging and testing experience.