Why robotics developers need an upgrade

published 04.06.2020 19:06

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Robots at work Rather than make incremental changes to ROS 1, Open Robotics and the ROS community elected to forge a new path. "

SEE: Hiring Kit: Robotics Engineer (TechRepublic Premium) Robots at school If you're into robotics, odds are good that you've used ROS 1.

While ROS (1.0) started off as more of an academic, hobbyist tool, a new version was released in 2017 (2.0) that has a more enterprise flavor, with support for real-time, multiple robots working together, production environments, and more.

"ROS" stands for robot operating system, though it's not really an operating system; instead, it's a set of software libraries and tools that help developers build robot applications.

Robots at play Of course, just because ROS 2 enables enterprise-class applications doesn't mean it necessarily starts with some suits in a board room.