Hulu's new interface upgrades the app from terrible to usable

published 04.06.2020 14:00


Hulu's revamped UI isn't revolutionary by any means, but those who have been frustrated by the app in the past might find something to like about the way it's laid out now.

The most noticeable change up front is that Hulu's app on streaming devices is no longer coated in a sickly green color everywhere you look.

These range from categories like "Movies For You" to "FX on Hulu" and other groupings you'd expect to see on a streaming app.

Unlike Disney+, however, Hulu's new look presents shows and movies with massive cards featuring a still image, age rating, genre, release year, and (if applicable) original network.

I'm not saying the Hulu app needs to emulate that browser format completely, as drop-down menus inherently work better for mouse-driven devices.