Motionia.js - On - demand lightweight animation library!

published 04.06.2020 05:55


Usefull to make a loading scene Directly use blurIn or blurOut Depending on element motionia selects the anim like blur works even on text but is not made to animate text so there is an alternative use focusIn or focusInExpand As i told above you may generate different anim by just mixing their names!

This is separately available for both Text or any other html element such as Svg or a image** To animate shadow of a hyper link use: motionia("#text", "shadowIn") To animate shadow of a div or a button or anything except "popZ") Implementing Blur effects.

Wanna animate background , you can use all the above BASE anims and also can make their combos + too add appearing in or out depends upon "popZ") or motionia("body", "scaleZ"); Wait....whats Z at the end this will animate body's transformation in z axis and can change upon your body's dimension automatically!

Animate a element as a door opens in UP , DOWN , LEFT , RIGHT Just add the directions parameters at the end of the anim "doorUp") motionia("#target", "doorRight") Animate background of any element!

Just add Blur at the anims "scaleInBlur") or motionia("#target", "rollInBlur") Up, Down , left right parameters example Selecting above anims correctly for your need is a Art just master it add customization accordingly.