PS4 back button attachments are back in stock — get one before they run out

published 04.06.2020 16:53


TL;DR: The fast-selling PS4 DualShock back button controller attachment has gotten a restock at a few different retailers as of June 4 — get one for just $30 before they're gone again.

Target | GameStop | Best Buy When it comes to exclusive games, PlayStation definitely has the upper hand over its biggest competition: Xbox.

But one thing they haven't perfected is their controller — Xbox's controllers are comfortable, ergonomic, and if you spring for the Elite Series version, boast some serious customization options.

PlayStation's DualShock 4 is a far way off from being any of those things, but Sony is trying to at least make good on the customization factor with the release of the PS4 back button attachment.

The affordable back button attachment is more than worth the price tag if button mapping options are something you dearly want from your PlayStation 4 experience.