Samsung Austin R&D Center reveals details of its unreleased Exynos M6 CPU microarchitecture

published 04.06.2020 18:10

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Samsung Austin RD Center reveals details of its unreleased Exynos M6 CPU microarchitecture We know that the custom CPU core project at Samsung’s Austin Research Development Center (SARC) came to an end in October 2019.

The paper presented by SARC’s CPU development team details the team’s efforts over its eight-year existence, and also reveals key details of the custom ARM cores ranging from the Exynos M1 (Mongoose) to the current-generation Exynos M5 (Lion), and even the unreleased Exynos M6 CPU, that would, prior to cancellation, have been expected to feature in the Exynos 990’s 2021 SoC successor.

Samsung’s SARC CPU team was established in 2011 to develop custom CPU cores, which were then featured in Samsung Systems LSI’s Exynos SoCs.

The ISCA paper features an overview table of the microarchitectural differences between Samsung’s custom CPU cores from the Exynos M1 to the Exynos M6.

For the Exynos M5, Samsung made bigger changes to the cache hierarchy of the cores, replacing private L2 caches with a new bigger shared cache as well as disclosing a change in the L3 structure from a 3-bank design to a 2-bank design with less latency.

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