The Outer Worlds on Switch: an ambitious effort, but the compromises cut too deep

published 04.06.2020 16:00


Part of the problem concerns the temporal anti-aliasing solution: The Outer Worlds features large open worlds with a vast draw distance and your eyes are naturally drawn to this, yet the lower resolution ensures that it's difficult to see any distant detail.

The overall visual quality takes a significant hit compared to every other version of the game to the point where a great-looking game is simply not attractive in this state.

From rock formations to pieces of your ship, to buildings and beyond, it feels as if the entire game is effectively using low or lowest quality level of detail settings compared to the other consoles.

What detail that is resolved is massively reduced from the current-gen versions of the game: Model complexity, texture resolution and overall density is radically altered.

However, The Outer Worlds is the game where the cumulative downgrades are just too impactful to the experience, and where the promise of mobile play doesn't deliver enough to make the exercise worthwhile.