Robotic dairy makes life easier for farmers and cows

published 04.06.2020 11:18


"Looking out the front of the house, I can see a line of cows finding their way up to the dairy and I can look on my mobile phone and it tells me how many cows have already been milked when looking out that window," he said.

The property has been reconfigured to allow the cows to move to and from the dairy.

"There is the potential for the cows to be milked three times a day, but that is not a target we have set," Mr Smith said.

The key to getting a cow to enter the dairy is a brush the animal pushes up against that triggers a rub along its back and flanks.

A remotely triggered hard-bristle brush that scratches the backs of cows plays a major part in the operation of a solar-powered robotic dairy on the New South Wales Mid North Coast.