Elon Musk only has to sell 59 Teslas to offset the CO2 from a single SpaceX launch

published 04.06.2020 16:40


Purely from an emissions perspective, Musk would have to get 530 or more drivers out of their gasoline vehicles and into Teslas for a year (based on the fact they’re zero emission vehicles when driving) to offset the CO2 produced during a year of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launches.

Others have calculated this figure and generally speaking, they all come out to show Tesla offsets one SpaceX launch with every 55 to 70 cars per year.

But for now, this feels like it puts it into perspective that SpaceX launches, in terms of global CO2 emissions, are actually quite insignificant.

In other words, one SpaceX launch produces about as much CO2 as 59 average combustion engine vehicles do in one year.

[Read: Autonowashing and the dangers of putting too much trust in ‘self-driving’ cars] With SpaceX‘s recent launch and the continued popularity of Tesla vehicles, it got me thinking, how many EVs would the company need to sell to offset just one SpaceX launch?