Stadium-sized asteroid will swing 'close' by Earth on Saturday. Thankfully

published 04.06.2020 07:08

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Named 2002 NN4, the asteroid is more than 1,000 feet across and will swing by near enough to make it onto NASA’s “close approach” list, which documents near-Earth objects and the dates they approach our planet.

It’s traveling at more than 20,000 mph — so the damage 2002 NN4 could inflict on earth is catastrophic Stadium-sized asteroid, Derek Buzasi, professor of physics at Florida Gulf Coast University, told USA TODAY.

“In short, 2002 NN4 is a very well-known asteroid with a known orbit that will pass Earth at a (very) safe distance,” wrote Ian J. O’Neill of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Asteroids like 2002 NN4 cause concern because of their potential impact on Earth.

While the path of 2002 NN4 is well known, some asteroids its size may have not yet been discovered, Buzasi said.

by Shamail Abbas from

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