Why you can't get a 1440p laptop: Blame 4K TVs

published 04.06.2020 02:00


PCWorld has also found that Intel’s integrated graphics can struggle with 4K displays, making otherwise nice laptops like the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 exhibit jumpy scrolling and choppy animations.

In terms of advertised battery life, Lenovo’s Yoga C940 14 promises 15 hours with a 1080p display, and just 10 hours with 4K.

In short, 4K TV marketing has blinded laptop shoppers to the benefits of 1440p displays, so display manufacturers and laptop makers seldom bother to produce them.

Buy a laptop with a 4K display, and you’ll get a picture so sharp that individual pixels become indiscernible, but both battery life and performance will suffer as a result.

“While demand for QHD displays is relatively low, there is a niche group of consumers we’re seeing with interest in QHD laptop panels because of better power consumption and lower pricing as compared to 4K laptops,” Peana said.