Here's how to beat the Redstone Golem mini-boss in Minecraft Dungeons

published 04.06.2020 11:00


Souls-focused players Source: Windows Central Redstone golems may be the first boss souls-focused players will come across in Minecraft Dungeons that gives them a real challenge.

Range-focused players Source: Windows Central Using ranged attacks against a redstone golem also elicits a mixed bag of results, which is almost entirely the fault of how persistent these giants are.

Players that focus on speed and agility like rogues will need to wait for redstone golems to kneel, using artifacts like the Light Feather to avoid mines and the Death Cap Mushroom to take advantage of the very limited time.

Source: Windows Central Redstone golems are the only new mob in Minecraft Dungeons out of the four mini-bosses, and are possibly the most commonly seen one.

Enchantments like Soul Siphon or Unique gear like the Eternal Knife that has a chance of harvesting souls on a hit instead of a kill can help with this, but the chance is rather low and relies on you consistently nailing the redstone golem, which can be difficult and risky if you're a little squishier than some other players.