Fitbit fights the medical equipment crisis with a portable FDA approved ventilator!

published 04.06.2020 04:30


Fitbit, a company that was already leading the game in monitoring body activity, has taken its tagline of ‘every beat counts’ to a whole new level by designing portable ventilators to fight the crisis.

The Fitbit ventilator is called Flow and has already received emergency clearance from the FDA which means they can start working on the production process.

Fitbit is a trusted personal gadget that we all use to monitor our health and wellness, so the team used their existing body sensors and put them to work in a product designed to function as a portable ventilator.

It is more compact in terms of the physical form when compared to traditional ventilators which helps in moving it around hospitals.

Even though it functions as a ventilator, Fitbit is calling it as a life-support supplement till a commercial ventilator becomes available.