Russia to roll out first approved coronavirus drug next week

published 03.06.2020 23:54


Clinical trials to test efficacy coronavirus drug usually take many months, even when expedited, and involve large numbers of patients randomly assigned who receive either the drug being trialled or a control or placebo.

A new antiviral drug from gilead called remdesivir has shown some promise in small efficacy trials against covid-19 and is being given to patients by some countries under compassionate or emergency use rules.

There is currently no vaccine for covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, and human trials of several existing antiviral drugs have yet to show efficacy.

Russian hospitals can begin giving the antiviral drug, which is registered under the name avifavir, to patients from june 11, the head of russia’s rdif sovereign wealth fund told reuters in an interview.

Rdif, which has a 50 per cent share in the coronavirus drug manufacturer chemrar, funded the trials and other work with its partners, to the tune of around 300 million roubles ($4.3 million), said dmitriev, who explained that the costs to russia were much lower because of previous development work conducted in japan.