DxOMark not impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s selfie camera

published 04.06.2020 06:33


DxOMark released its review of the Galaxy Z FlipÂ’s front-facing camera, and they were not impressed.

DxOMark says its score was in line with the selfie cameras on the Galaxy A71, Galaxy S9+, and the iPhone XS Max.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip This is a 10MP selfie camera with a 26mm-equivalent lens with fixed f/2.4 aperture and foxed focus.

The cameras arenÂ’t what sets the Galaxy Z Flip apart, itÂ’s the folding display and small clamshell footprint.

The camera performs well enough but doesnÂ’t hold a candle to other flagships like SamsungÂ’s own Galaxy S20 Ultra.