Ultimate Ears’ HyperBoom is my desert island Bluetooth speaker

published 03.06.2020 18:27


Also, I had a UE Boom 2 laying around, and with the Party Up feature in the companion app that lets you wirelessly pair these speakers together, it took just a few minutes to make a little surround sound system out of these gadgets.

But even in my little apartment, the HyperBoom is both a capable speaker for music and podcasts and a serviceable soundbar replacement with its digital optical port.

Power is to be expected for a speaker this big, heavy, and expensive, but what impresses me most about the HyperBoom is its versatility and broad selection of ports and connectivity options for your devices.

The $399 Ultimate Ears HyperBoom Bluetooth speaker is one of my favorite gadgets of 2020.

It’s always good when a product has a lot of functionality packed in, and the HyperBoom gets extra marks for all of those functions being intuitive to use, whether you’re standing right in front of the speaker or from across the room.