Uber's former CTO says he has 'a little PTSD' after leaving the company while it was grappling with a global pandemic

published 03.06.2020 21:56


And according to Bloomberg, Pham said the company should consider shedding its self-driving efforts, or teaming up with other companies in the space.

Pham recognized the need, in the current market environment a year after Uber's lackluster IPO, for the company to shore up its finances.

"The company is about more than just him," Pham said of Kalanick, who's been working on a "ghost kitchen" food-delivery competitor with his newfound Uber riches (among other investments).

The former chief technology officer and previously the longest serving executive at the firm told Bloomberg News that he stayed on following the company's scandals that resulted in founder Travis Kalanick's departure in 2017 because he believed in the mission of Uber.

"Individually, none of the companies can go it alone and compete with Waymo," Pham said of the autonomous competitor from Google that's now raised $3 billion from outside investors and partnered with automakers, Lyft, and others.