SJWs, Here Are 5 Other Minorities In Malaysia That You Should Be Fighting For

published 04.06.2020 05:33


Some organisations who are championing the rights of Indonesian migrants to have safe work in Malaysia include: Bangladeshi migrants are often brought into Malaysia as foreign workers in construction and other 3D jobs, making them easy subjects to a slew of exploitation.

We can support ethical recruitment of Indonesian migrants, report any cases of exploitation we may discover, and of course, be a lot kinder to our own domestic helpers.

Even though domestic help isn’t a 3D job, Indonesian migrants are still faced with abuse and exploitation.

There are better things we could be doing than threatening already-vulnerable communities, so some organisations that we can support to help the Rohingya include: There are about 2.5 million low-wage Indonesian workers in Malaysia, and most commonly, we’d find them working as domestic helpers.

Racial discrimination is so glaringly obvious in many aspects of our country, whether it’s the system or its people, yet the ones in power do little to nothing to tackle this issue.