Multi-Location Load Balancing for DigitalOcean

published 03.06.2020 21:28


Video Snapt CEO and industry expert Dave Blakey unpacks the current and future state of ADCs and Load Balancers, and how they solve the challenges in delivering and securing multi-location and cloud-native applications in DigitalOcean.

Topics covered Comparing the difference in load balancing architectures for traditional vs. cloud-native and microservices-based app developments Understanding how multi-location load balancing works with GSLB and intelligent DNS routing How to quickly scale and configuration ADCs using a centrally managed ADC platform Applying AI ML to better, scale, and secure and make multi-location applications more available Using advanced real-time telemetry to observe and secure critical apps deployed into multiple locations Resources Nova ADC from Snapt is a powerful and scalable ADC for modern networks and users.