How we test: Smartphones

published 03.06.2020 18:48

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You could call it ‘natural testing’ and it’s the best way to find out what we like about the device along with things that bug us.

Lab tests are an excellent way to get an idea of where a phone sits in the market - a bit like playing a phone edition of Top Trumps.

We also run an objective battery test that keeps the phone’s display on at an exact brightness and loops a set of tests in order to see how long they can last when given an identical set of conditions.

While a set of figures provided from the above apps is a nice numerical way of seeing how phones compare to each other - and we put the results in handy graphs in each review - it’s important to remember that they are synthetic tests.

Phones are extremely complex devices and reading our full review and buying advice is the best way to decide if a handset is the right one for you.

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