How HCI modernises database estate management

published 03.06.2020 19:00


Furthermore, over-provisioning of a traditional storage system such as a SAN (storage area network) does not resolve the basic issue that database performance degrades as full capacity is finally reached.

True scale For databases run on hyperconverged systems, availability and scalability are largely built-in to the platform.

With hyperconverged infrastructure, however, the storage is distributed among all the nodes in a cluster which means that, as the number of nodes increases, so does the total I/O capacity of the whole infrastructure, helping to accelerate database performance.

Back to basics Database estates have become fragmented - broken up into silos of systems and data running on different and proprietary hardware and software overseen by multiple management platforms and teams.

Hyperconverged infrastructure and cloud lets you run many versions of databases and applications and concentrate on your data, letting you see beyond the silos.