Every police department should have to hear our rage via Zoom call

published 03.06.2020 21:44


While the LAPD is notorious for its racism, so are many other departments across the country — including the Minneapolis police, who are responsible for the killing of George Floyd.

Several impassioned callers, like this one, went viral: After watching this call, I'm convinced that every police department needs to have a Zoom call like this one.

The call came not only after several nights of protests in Los Angeles, but also after LAPD chief Michael Moore blamed the death of George Floyd on the city's protestors and looters.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Police Commission held a Zoom call with citizens — of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, as well as some former residents — and watched with blank faces as citizens berated them mercilessly for eight hours.

People around the country — like me, in New York — stayed tuned for hours and are now inspired to tell our police departments our similar demands (and probably insults).

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