The FBI must be stoked about Zoom's encryption policy

published 03.06.2020 22:24


After getting caught falsely claiming it offered end-to-end encryption, the video-conferencing app Zoom promised to increase the privacy and security of its product and even announced some concrete steps it would take to follow through on that promise.

In a June 2 earnings call, however, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan clarified that one of those steps — adding true end-to-end encryption to its platform — will only be available to paying customers.

Notably, Zoom does offer a form of encryption to all users — just not the gold standard that is end-to-end.

In a long Twitter thread Tuesday night, Stamos attempted to clarify why Zoom's forthcoming end-to-end encryption would only be available to paying customers.

Essentially, he argued that enterprise users (i.e., anyone someone paying for the service and using it in a business context) have legitimate needs for end-to-end encryption.