Maverick Payments Adds New APIs to its Payment Services Platform

published 03.06.2020 20:38


Maverick Payments, a provider of financial technology payments services, is proud to release new APIs to provide merchants and partners with different data and tools which make Maverick’s payment processing more frictionless supplemented by feature-rich technology.

“Our all-new API suite allows business owners to develop and track key growth elements, combining the efficacy of collaboration with the convenience of an all-in-one payments platform.”

Griefer adds, “Additionally, partners and resellers can integrate things like our boarding API, pull data for their portfolio and merchants through our reporting API, augmenting the agent’s offering while retaining it within their user experience.”

For software providers in the payments space, they can then provide this data to their merchants while being able to provide an easy on-boarding through the simple API.

The entire flow from merchant acquisition to live merchant processing data is easy to manage through this API.