How to protect your iPhone privacy and security while protesting

published 03.06.2020 22:34


If you're using your iPhone to keep in touch with those you love, to organize, to share information, to post to Twitter, and Facebook, and TikTok so that people can see and hear what's happening and not have to take any pundit or politician or giant news corps word for it, then you probably want to balance your security and convenience, your privacy and safety.

Break iCloud Backup Go to Settings Apple ID iCloud, and turn off messages, photos, and any other backups you want to prevent.

You'll still be able to take photos and videos and answer calls quickly and easily, but everything else will require your unlocking your iPhone first.

That way people can't see who's messaging you or what apps you're using, or do things like put your iPhone into AirPlane mode so you can't trace it later.

Out of the box, your iPhone tries to strike a balance between security and safety, privacy, and convenience: If you have location on, especially for social apps and photos, they can be used to find you and others in case of emergency.