How Leaders Build Confidence

published 03.06.2020 20:01

Image of article 'How Leaders Build Confidence'

When leaders step up and do the work to provide a framework for moving forward, we are reassuring our teams that we have a plan.

If we would have waited for the peak of the pandemic and economic uncertainty to pass so we could go back to “business as usual,” we never would have built out this new component of our auction platform.

Respect and long-term loyalty are earned from making a thoughtful effort, putting the best interests of the business and the team first.

As a leader right now, you don’t have to be perfect at everything — I’m certainly not — but your strengths will shine through and make an impact on your team.

We’ve found that a clearly communicated framework can help move our business in a positive direction, from more efficient and creative solutions to long-term retention and morale.