Ubuntu's ZFS Daemon Zsys 0.5 Released

added 03.06.2020 19:08


As part of their work on ZFS support improvements for the in-development Ubuntu 20.10, Zsys 0.5 has been tagged and landing in the "Groovy Gorilla" repository for this ZFS daemon spearheaded by Canonical developers.With Zsys 0.5, TRIM (autotrim) is now being enabled for users upgrading their system in order to enhance the solid-state drive performance.

Zsys 0.5 also fixes a possible infinite loop garbage collection bug, snapshots will stop being taken when there is less than 20% free disk space, APT integration improvements for the automated snapshots, and various other changes.The list of Zsys 0.5 changes in full can be found via Launchpad Still ahead for Ubuntu 20.10 with the OpenZFS support we are expecting to see ZFS encryption supported and more "enterprise desktop" capabilities .

Ubuntu 20.10 is scheduled for release on 22 October.