The Adventures Of Mr. Me & His Noble Steed Colin — Going To The Movies

published 30.05.2020 19:49

by Jesper Berggreen from

Anyway, you’re my Electric Monk, Colin!

Colin: “Yeah, I found this online: ‘The Electric Monk was a labour-saving device, like a dishwasher or a video recorder.

Colin: “It’s the Media Control Unit, or MCU, that’s streaming it to you.

We’re just hanging out at the local Supercharger — Colin slurping electrons at a blistering rate, and Mr. Me enjoying some light in-car entertainment.

2 hours and a few distractions later (ICE vehicles not being able to turn their lights off in order to have their radio on, and thus having bits of plastic attached to cover part of their bodywork, at the risk of a flat 12V battery — so embarrassing …), Colin’s range had dropped by only 23 km (14 miles).