Red Carpet’ Crosswalks on Trial in UK to Reduce Pedestrian Accidents

published 28.05.2020 14:01

Image of article 'Red Carpet’ Crosswalks on Trial in UK to Reduce Pedestrian Accidents'

In order to reduce such accidents, the cities of Liverpool and Hull in the UK are starting to trial new pedestrian crossings.

These new "red carpet" crossings are designed with data from behavioral insights and are expected to reduce road accidents and deaths.

The council is working with a local behavioral science company So-Mo that has designed the new crosswalks after studying pedestrian behavior.

Such strategic locations such as a central accident hotspot on Hanover Street/Bold Street and a yet-to-be-confirmed high street on the outskirts of the city will be used to test out the new crosswalks.

by Derya Ozdemir from

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