Netflix's Space Force is go for launch! Meet the team that is going to ensure total space dominance.

published 29.05.2020 06:50

by Tarvin Gill from

Daughter to Steve Carell and Lisa Kudrow’s characters, Diana Silvers is Erin Naird, a teenager and popular student who was pulled from the city to live with her parents in the Space Force remote base in Wild Horse, Colorado.

He’s the head science advisor of Space Force and will eventually grow to be good friends with Steve Carell’s character.

Steve Carell is also the co-creator of the Space Force series, and he worked alongside Greg Danials who had a hand in The Office and Saturday Night Live.

Whoops, we mean Netflix’s adaptation of Space Force, a new TV Series which will be launching today, May 29.

Space Force was created by the same team that brought you The Office, and if you missed the weird and wacky antics that Steve Carell brings to the TV screen, then you should catch Space Force on Netflix which will be released May 29 at 3pm GMT+8.