Owl Cameras gets a new lease on life after the startup left users in the lurch

published 20.05.2020 02:00


Best Buy was still selling the Owl Car Cam in February, long after the company began showing signs of failure.

Gary Clayton’s LinkedIn profile now shows he was CEO of Owl Cameras from October, 2019 to January, 2020, while Nathan Ackerman’s profile shows him as a current employee of Owl Cameras, Inc.

The more we pulled at Owl Cameras’ strings, the more it became clear that the company was either on life support or completely dead.

Even though the camera’s $350 price was very high for its competitive set, it received largely positive reviews, and some people bought the Owl Car Cam—though, apparently, not enough people to keep the company afloat.

Neither responded to our communications directly, but we noticed that the Best Buy retail page and AAA information related to Owl Car Cams disappeared soon after we contacted the companies.