How Big Data Will Overcome Social Distancing in Business

published 20.05.2020 02:00


The Importance of the Cloud and Big Data The arrival of Big Data and cloud computing, in particular, has been instrumental aiding the transition of businesses from an in-house operation to a more interconnected online one.

Such eye-opening figures will be reflected across a range of technological industries, with Big Data likely to grow alongside the cloud due to its importance in allowing companies to overcome social distancing through remote work.

CIO reports that both cloud-based technology and Big Data is capable of facilitating widespread WFH adoption, leaving only a lingering concern over the security involved with the transferring of sensitive data between employees in a way that can’t always be regulated.

2020 had long been forecast by industry experts as the ‘year of remote work’, but very few could have anticipated the central role that working from home (WFH) has played in keeping businesses afloat and markets open as the new decade became hampered by the emergence of COVID-19.

While many businesses are used to securely interpreting masses of information from Big Data, the usage of data can now play an instrumental role for business owners to keep on top of their operations, staff, and output while practicing social distancing.