LINC ORIGINAL MAKERS and NEIGHBORHOOD Team up for Finely Scented Apothecary

published 20.05.2020 05:52


NEIGHBORHOOD and LINC ORIGINAL MAKERS have linked up for a set of finely scented apothecary.

NO.310 / G-DIFFUSER back in February, the two labels have crafted a candle, fragrance and room mist this time around.

The NO. 310 candle is made with soy wax in a sleek stainless steel case.

It comes with all-natural eco-friendly ingredients, layered with citrusy notes at the top, followed by floral hints and scents of patchouli — the candle also comes with a wooden wick that creates a faint crackling sound while burning.

The room mist spray has been made using Okinawan sugarcane extract, yielding deodorizing properties with the same scents as the aforementioned apothecary.