How to Change the Font Size in WordPress

published 19.05.2020 15:58


Changing the font size in your WordPress site is something you can do quickly and easily for a small section of text, or something that can take a little more work if you want to do it for a larger section of text.

When you’re editing text in your WordPress posts, you can choose to make a block of text have a different font size from the other blocks on the page.

If you want to make sure that all your larger text blocks are the same size and don’t want to have to remember the size you used, you can use a CSS class to assign a consistent font size to all elements with that class.

Now go to your post in your live site and you’ll see that your block with the class is larger than the text around it: If you want to boost the size more, just edit the CSS in the customizer.

Changing the font size of text in your WordPress site can take minutes to do.